Anugera Samudra Indomakmur

Join us and help create the future of logistics
Anugerah Samudra Indomakmur seeks people for the Indonesia’s leading End to End logistics services.
People like you. Turn your ideas into solutions.
Discover all the places you can work, all the diverse people you can collaborate with and all the global issues you can help solve.
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Imagine a global career with endless opportunities

Anugerah Samudra Indomakmur offers a truly global and collaborative work experience.
You’ll team up with some of the best and brightest people in .
And you’ll discover a world of extraordinary opportunity, challenge and fulfillment where you can pursue goals,
develop new skills and explore new horizons.


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Anugerah Samudra Indomakmur is an expanding company in Indonesia
and Asia engaged in the provision of cargo transportation and logistics services.,
in all major ports of Indonesia and Asia.
Thus, we welcome talented people to work in our company,

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