Who We Are

2011. Anugerah Samudra Indomakmur ( PT ASI ) was established in 2011.
2012. Anugerah Samudra Indomakmur is owning and operate 2 (two ) Multi Purpose Vessel.

Designed to manage shipping services as follows :
Ship Owning Cargo vessel
General Agent
Ship Operator

We manage PT Anugerah Samudra Indomakmur which previously had long term contract with Orica to carry ships ammonium nitrate cargo PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia (KNI) – Orica International Australia.
And currently Contract service to Contractor British Petroleum Tangguh ( BP Tangguh ) regarding LNG Project at Bintuni – Papua with Certificate IMCA ( International Marine Contractors Association )

PT ASI’s multi-purpose vessels are built to transport various commodities as general cargo in units, in bulk, container, special Project for mining and offshore.

PT ASI has been registered as Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment ( OVMSA ) at London – United Kingdom.

Experiences of our Vessels are as follows:
– Transporting construction building equipment, container;
– Transporting cargo filled with rice from BULOG;
– Transporting cargo with fertilizer;
– Registered at eProc Semen Padang and has been transporting cement owned by Semen Padang;
– Transporting cement owned by CONCH.

Business Licenses for Sea Transportation Company “SIUPAL” issued by DIRJEN HUBLA / Direktorat Jenderal Perhubungan Laut (Directorate General Of Sea Transportation) dated 10 February 2012.